Interdependence Forever (excerpt)

“It’s miracle! ”

Every spectator would yell in the same way.

In a small ancient town, there is one small stone bridge above a rivulet accompanied with a 500 years old camphor tree. This old stone bridge had gone through quite a long time, maybe was built 200 years ago, or 300, nobody was sure of that now. Anyway it was built just beside the very camphor tree. The most Incredible is that two of the camphor tree’s roots crawled along the bridge to the further bank. They are as strong as steel that made the bridge some kind of “Steel-Wood ” frame. So the bridge? Or tree? Who arrived the opposite bank became a confusing question too.

Nowadays, this small town became a famous landscape. Thinks to the residents here to preserved the old camphor tree and its stone friend, it’s still very vigorous and keep shading the bridge with its green crown. Maybe they are not the only thing that residents preserved but also preserved the good quality of people here. Wish them continue their pure and natural life that filled of happiness and joy without any greed and evil stuffs.

PS: This is my answer to a translation test in an English offline Competition hold by the English Chatting Group “English Paradise”. Hope that Water who hold this game will see it.

Sep 26th, 2008 | Posted in English learning
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