I Love you , I Trust you

I love you, so I trust you. It’s just so simple…

Trust you

花は风に揺れ踊るように (Just like the flowers dancing in the wind)
雨は大地を润すように (and the rain kiss the earth below)
この世界は寄り添いあい (All of the world rely on each other)
生きてるのに (to live together forever)
なぜ人は伤つけあうの (Why are humans still continuing hurting each other)
なぜ别れは访れるの (Why are there still so many separations )

君が远くに行ってもまだ (Though you have left me far away)
いつもこの心の真ん中 ( But deeply in my heart)
あの优しい笑颜で埋め尽くされたまま (Your tender smile is still filled it up)
抱きしめた君の欠片に (Grasping the memory scraps of you)
痛み感じてもまだ (I still feel hurt in my heart)
繋がるから 信じてるよ まだ会えると (Believe that we are still connected ,hopping to see you again)
I’m waiting for your love

I love you I trust you
君の孤独を分けて欲しい (May I share your loneness with you )
I love you I trust you
光でも暗でも (No matter it’s daytime or night)
二人だから 信じあえる (We will be together, trust each other )
No 离さないで (No separation any more)

世界の果ては谁か见たの (Who can see the end of the world)
旅の终りは谁か継げるの (Who can carry on this journey of ending)
今は答えが见えなくて (The answer is just hiding and no one can find it)
长い夜でも (In this long long nighttime )
信じた道を进んでほしい (To go on in the way of faith)
その先に光が待つから (We should wait the light patiently at first)

君が教えてくれた歌は (The song that you taught me)
今はこの心の真ん中 (Is still singing in my heart)
あの优しい声と共に响いてる (With your gender voice that bring a strong resonance)
溢れる気持ちの滴が (The endless tear drops that filled with my feeling)
温かく頬纲う (Are running through my cheek)
强くなるね 信じてるよ 繋がってると (Being more and more tough,we are faithful and supported by each other )
I’m always by your side

I love you I trust you
君のために流す涙が (I am sorrowful of you and weeping with your tear)
I love you I trust you
爱を教えてくれた (Who can teach me what is the meaning of love)
どんなに君が道迷て  (No matter where you had get lost)
も そばにいるよ (I will still be with you)

I love you I trust you
君の孤独を分けて欲しい (May I share your loneness with you )
I love you I trust you
光でも暗でも (No matter it’s daytime or night)
I love you I trust you
悲しいでも喜びでも (No matter when we are happy or sad)
I love you I trust you
君の全てを守りたい (I want to protect all the things of you )
どんなに君が道迷て も そばにいるよ (No matter where you had get lost)
二人だから信じ合えるの离さないで (We will be together, trust each other )

Feb 20th, 2009 | Posted in English learning, Fun
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  1. sunyitudou
    Feb 21st, 2009 at 14:59 | #1

    🙁 Beautiful song.
    …understanding between male and female,seems a little difficult..

  2. Feb 21st, 2009 at 22:37 | #2

    I love this song too. And I Hope that you will find your own answer.

  3. pink
    Feb 25th, 2009 at 15:09 | #3

    you translate very well,some sentenses’ meaning is far away from the original meaning,but it is kind of close.

  4. May 21st, 2014 at 05:24 | #4

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