White Day is coming and the 12 lovers’ days in a year…

How about your Valentine’s Day last month,Guys? The White Day is coming. And do you know what is the meaning of the White Day? And how about the other 11 days which are related with the “14th”?

White Day was first celebrated in 1978 in Japan. It was started by the National Confectionery Industry Association (全国飴菓子工業協同組合) as an “answer day” to Valentine’s Day on the grounds that men should pay back the women who gave them chocolate and other gifts on Valentine’s Day. In 1977 a Fukuoka-based confectionery company, Ishimura Manseido (石村萬盛堂), marketed marshmallows to men on March 14, calling it Marshmallow Day (マシュマロデー).

Soon thereafter, confectionery companies began marketing white chocolate. Now, men give both white and dark chocolate, as well as other edible and non-edible gifts, such as jewelry or objects of sentimental value, or white clothing like lingerie, to women from whom they received chocolate on Valentine’s Day one month earlier. If the chocolate given to him was giri choco, the man as well may not be expressing actual romantic interest, but rather a social obligation.

Black Day (April 14) is a South Korean informal tradition for single people (a.k.a. Unit Solo/Solo Regiment, lee: 솔로부대) to get together and eat Jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce), sometimes a white sauce is mixed for those who did not celebrate White Day.

Also do you know that there are 12 Valentine’s Day in a year 😯 !
14th Jan — Diary Day
14th Feb — Valentine’s Day
14th Mar — White Day
14th Apr — Black Day  (Singles’ Day in South Korea)
14th May — Yellow &Rose Day
14th Jun — Kiss Day
14th Jul — Silver Day
14th Aug — Green Day
14th Sep — Music &Photo Day
14th Oct — Wine Day
14th Nov — Orange & Movie Day
14th Dec — Hug Day
Faint… So very 14th day of each month are all tabled with some purpose. Then the lovers will also find topic to do, isn’t it ?
Who will be the happiest people? The girls ? No exactly, I think the merchants are happier than anyone 😕 .
And how about the boys…

PS: Some materials come from wikipedia.

Mar 11th, 2009 | Posted in English learning, Information
  1. iris
    Mar 11th, 2009 at 12:47 | #1

    gonna celebrate the Black Day~

  2. iris
    Mar 11th, 2009 at 12:56 | #2

    hungrrrry~ going for noodles…

  3. galacy
    Mar 15th, 2009 at 10:46 | #3

    ok then, i can get 12 presents each year! right ?? 😈

  4. Mar 17th, 2009 at 09:21 | #4

    ok then, i can get 12 presents each year! right ??

    12 >.<||

  5. Mar 17th, 2009 at 10:07 | #5

    ok then, i can get 12 presents each year! right ??

    faint… I am not rich guy

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