Back to My hometown – Part 2
@ Kaiyuan Temple

Kaiyuan Temple (開元寺) is a Buddhist center embodied with the quintessence of the architectural art of various dynasties such as the Tang, the Song, the Yuan and the Qing. This temple is over 200 years old. The temple is also home to the most influential Buddhism Study Institute in Southeast China. Inside, handsome calligraphy and inscribed steles remind visitors that this temple once functioned as the record keeper of the city.

Our first stop is the famous Kaiyuan Temple where is quite near to my home. After a casual walk through the commercial street, we reach the Kaiyuan Road and hit a very very heavy traffic jam 😐 . Yeah many Teochiu came back home at Spring Festival Holiday,also the huge number of the tourists from Canton, HK, East Asia countries ….
OK, Let’s get into the Kaiyuan Temple….


Give the cucurbit at the top a close shot ~

DSC02995 DSC02996

Then we saw the most famous trees — bodhi trees. And we listened the funny story that the guide told how to tell the gender of two bodhi trees 😀 Can you make it out?

DSC02987 & DSC02985

Which one is “Mr Bodhi Tree”? ❓   PS: the guy that “shining boy” is me 😎
This is a very funny curved pine tree~

The main temple:
The beauty of roofs that decorated with chinaware shard are so incredible. Nobody can tell the way how to paste the chinaware shard so firmly at hundreds year ago. All we can do is just to look at them and wonder at their miraculous beauty. 😮

DSC02993 DSC02992
There were lots of things to see on that morning. But as a respect to Buddhism, we didn’t take many photo about the figures of the Buddha and other related stuff. So then came to our lunch~ :mrgreen:
We had our lunch at a very nice veggie kitchen Restaurant. Right, there isn’t any meat…


The menu~


Serving Dishes~



Then let’s have a after-lunch tea~ 😉


OK, I admire. I am not professional enough to serve Kungfu tea…

Apr 2nd, 2009 | Posted in Tour
  1. Iris
    Apr 4th, 2009 at 12:54 | #1

    wow~very impressive~
    i’m really interested in those amazing details on the roof…
    p.s.:i like ur black coat.^-^ quite my favorite style.

  2. Apr 4th, 2009 at 21:06 | #2

    @Iris – 😎 I like my overcoat too~ 😎

  3. galacy
    Apr 6th, 2009 at 17:57 | #3

    i think the chinaware is incredibale~~
    the ancient pasted them piece by piece and made them so vivid!!
    The vagetarian dish tasted good, just like the meat 😀

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