Back to My Hometown – Part 5
@My old Middle School and Crocodile Gloriette

Every time I was back, I would go to my old middle school. Also this time, we go to visit my old middle school, Chaozhou Golden Hill Middle School. Golden Hill Middle School has a long history. It said that in the ancient times, the one master started to teach on the gourd hill which not far away here. And after that, this school moved to Golden hill here. So this place is the most suitable place to teach knowledge. And I am proud that I had been here learning for 3 years.

The motto of Chaozhou Golden Hill Middle School.

Long long stone stair, isn’t it? Even though I can’t figure out how many steps are there. I had run up and down along this stone stair 3 years.
Guess what’s this place for? :mrgreen:
Tips: the sign on the gate wall:

Got it? Of course, there can’t be a arms depot in such school 😆 So let me tell you what is the build for nowadays.
I bet you couldn’t believe it that this building is used as the girls dorm building ❗


The Northern River Bridge, the new modern bridge on the Han River which can be seen from the top of Golden Hill.

Then our next target is the Crocodile Gloriette. It said that this building is built to commemorated the achievement that Han Yu(韩愈) help people to drive away the crocodile from Han River (called crocodile river before that) to the Sea.

The stone crocodile 😎


And the Inscription on the monument above the stone crocodile.


The platform that Han Yu read the Inscription to drive away the crocodiles.

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    北桥,又称金山大桥.记得曾经三更半夜沿着北堤上北桥去放孔明灯. :mrgreen:

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    @Wepoz – So? You also studied at Golden Hill Middle School? 😯

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