Back to My Hometown – Part 7
@HanwenGong Temple

There is a river called Han river, there is a mountain called Mount Han. There are too many things that named after Han Yu(韩愈). Han Yu is not born here, and actually stayed here just for his dismissal and exile. In his biography, this period was just several sentences.  But to the people of  Chaozhou, Han Yu was of great importance.
Su Shi(苏轼) praised Han Yu had written proses were it raised weakness become strong after 8 dynasties(about 1000 years), his proses was the best(文起八代之衰).

Before we entered the entrance, a large stone “book” was lied at the long stairs. A famous motto from Han Yu was carved on it to memorized him.
It means “Diligence leads to success while laziness and carelessness results in failure. Reflections leads to moral conduct, while follow the secular results in the future of self-destruction.”
These are many buildings that now used as the exhibition rooms and temple. Many folks or outlanders would came here to pray for themselves or their children to success in some exams. 😀 In people’s opinion, Han Yu is the master of literature and education.
DSC03149 DSC03153

DSC03155 DSC03157


A statue that described Han Yu was discussing with a local sophist.
Anyway, this is also a very good place for enjoying natural scenery

DSC03151 DSC03152

DSC03158 Approched the top of  the hill , we can see the whole Guangji Bridge clearly.

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