Tour at Yangshuo – Part Three @ Moon Hill

After we left the Big Banyan Park, we headed to the next target — Moon Hill. And to be honest, it’s quite far away really. 😡
When we were almost tired out, we faced another problem… it’s so high!!! 😯
But think about how long we come to here, we knew that we can’t give up! We can make it. ❗

Moon Hill is a hill with a natural arch through it a few kilometers outside Yangshuo. It is so named for a wide, semicircular hole through the hill, all that remains of what was once a limestone cave formed in the phreatic zone. Like most formations in the region, it is karst. It is also a popular tourist attraction.

And we made it finally in deed! 😈
Ok, we got to the arch which looks like a moon. And found many small holes on it


Maybe some birds or something made their nests here.
DSC02553 Yep, it’s me. Wanna enlarge this photos? :mrgreen:

In addition to a concrete tourist path which passes through the arch, and a somewhat rougher, steeper path leading to the summit above the arch, Moon Hill has several rock climbing routes, the first of which was climbed by Todd Skinner in the 1990s. It has also been used for abseils in several adventure races.
Moon hill offers some broad, panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, which is characterized by the knobby karst hills found throughout the region.
DSC02550 DSC02549
Looking down from the moon hill was so exciting! 😎

Though we wanted to stay at the top of Moon hill longer, but the sky was getting dark. We had to say goodbye.
At this time, we can find where is the “moon” now. And we just came down from the “moon”~~~

This photo was taken in the vegetable farm of grange restaurant a which we took our supper.

At last we spent another long long riding back to the town. But it was quite impressive and exciting too. Most of the time there is no road lamps. All we can do was to wait the passing cars and trucks which can enlighten the road for a few seconds. But fortunately, lots of fireflies came out from the roadside that make this night so romantic. 😛
With the help of another team that also wanna back to town, we followed them and got to the town saftly.

May 6th, 2009 | Posted in Tour
  1. galacy
    May 6th, 2009 at 20:49 | #1

    It was a tough job, isn’t it?
    but i don’t think we’ve reached the top of the moon hill.. there should be a path which can lead us higher!!

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