Mountain, Lake, and the Naughty Rain – Part 1@ Beginning of Auspiciousness

Location of ZhaoqingDragon Boat Festival is one of the distinctest Chinese festivals. And of course, the dragon boat and Zongzi is the key words of that days. And the place where we chose to make a trip is the very place to have a nice festival, cause Zhaoqing has both two leading roles of this festival. First, Zhaoqing Zongzi is very famous, maybe for its big size. 😆 And the second, the International dragon boat competition is held here at this day.
So before we start our trip, let’s do some homework first.
“Zhaoqing” means “beginning of auspiciousness” in Chinese. In C.E. 1118, Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Huizong bestowed its current name upon the city.

Zhaoqing is located 110 km northwest of Guangzhou, in the west Pearl River Delta. It lies on the north shores of the Xijiang River, which is flows from west to east, and opposite of Gaoyao. A plain area lies to the south and west of Zhaoqing, with mountains to the east and north.The city lies in a south subtropical monsoon climatic zone. The yearly average temperature is 21.9 °C, and annual precipitation is 1605 mm.
Tourism is very important for Zhaoqing. When I was a young boy, I always play the poker cards which were printed landscapes of China. And I still remember one of those card was printed with the Seven Star Crags pictures. That was the first image I saw about Zhaoqing. And the other famous place is the Dinghu Mountain. It’s well-known for its good quality spring water and nature conservation district.

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