Mountain, Lake, and the Naughty Rain – Part 2@ Star Lake

On 28th May, Our journey began. ~~:cool:
The rain fall during these days is called Dragon Boat water. That means it bring enough water to help people to row the dragon boats. Anyways, it’s a good sign for the farmers too. So it rains several times when we were on the coach. But luckily it stopped raining when we just arrived at the urban area of Zhaoqing city.
As I mentions before, the Seven Star Crags (七星岩) are located at the fringe of Zhaoqing by the Star Lake and form one of the most scenic places in Guangdong Province, in southern China.
We made Seven Star Crags as one of our target place at first, but … When we finished our lunch at a restaurant not far away from the Star Lake, An unexpected friend came to welcome us… It started to rain again 👿 Ok, plenty of dragon boat water, but too much for us really. 😐
It kept raining and had no sign for sun coming out. So we had to change our plan. No walking on the Seven Star Crags, we could only look at them far from the ship which would go around the Star Lake.

Here are some photos taken from the ship. Star Lake in the rain seemed to be some kind of mysterious.

Star Lake 1 Star Lake3

Star Lake 1 Star Lake 2

Star Lake4 Star Lake5

Star Lake6 Star lake8

Turtle island2Turtle island1The Star Lake is so large and the Seven Star Crags are spreaded in it . When we got to the middle of the lake, the tour guide noticed that we are near the turtle island. I didn’t get it at first. But when the ship turn to another angle, I found that turle ! 😯

Turtle island3

Then we carried on and the tour guide showed us a strange building.

OYC Hotel1

Maybe this photo is not clear cause the heavy rain, the tour guide said that this building is OYC Seven Star Convention Resort Hotel. ❗ In our opinion, the high-class hotels should have a high building too. But this hotel is an exception. It is built very near by the star lake, the ground is not enough strong to support the high building, so this hotel is built “horizontally”. That shape makes it one of the widest hotel in the world.

When we turn around the ship and made our way back, we met some amazing men.
DSC03368.JPG DSC03365.JPG
Guess what? Yeah rowboat ! Star lake is also the national rowboat training area. The rowboat athletes are training right now, for the coming Asia Game.
Let’s took more photos for them~
rowboat3 DSC03374.JPG
And then we were back to the port which there should be many racing dragon boats… 🙁

And…. the it still kept raining, so … we go to the shopping mall to kill time… 😐

Jun 18th, 2009 | Posted in Tour
  1. galacy
    Jun 19th, 2009 at 21:34 | #1

    Well, the light of the pictures was not enought for the dark sky..
    But it was another feeling to see the Seven Star Crags ..
    i heard that the lake was digged manually. And the lake is larger than the west lake of Hangzhou..
    if you want to visit Seven Star Crags, i would suggest you to row a boat by yourselves. It will get much closer to the lake and go wherever you want.. 😀

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  3. Jul 1st, 2009 at 15:21 | #3

    肇庆才有七星岩…… 下雨天,再怎么PS也没用

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    Because that is how traffic is supposed to work! ,

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    November 19, 2004, on file with author. ,

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