Mountain, Lake, and the Naughty Rain – Part 3@ Up to the Dinghu Mountain

Dinghu LakeIt was still Raining on the next day’s morning. But this naughty rain couldn’t stop us, we finished our breakfast and take a bus to our main target of this trip — the Dinghu Mountain.
“Ding(鼎)” is an ancient Chinese vessel with legs and a lid. In Chinese history and culture, possession of an ancient ding is often associated with power and dominion over the land. Therefore, the ding is often used as an implicit symbolism for power. And “hu(湖)” means a lake. This mountain is called Ding hu Mountain because there is a large lake(the lid of the great “Ding”) on the top that surrounded by three mountain tops (three legs of the Ding) as the picture shows below:

Dinghu Mountain (鼎湖山) is located in Dinghu District, 18km to the east of Zhaoqing City. It is one of the four famous mountains – Danxia, Dinghu, Xiqiao and Luofu in Guangdong Province. Known as the “green gem on the Tropic of Cancer”, the mountain’s peaks rise above ancient towering trees, flying waterfalls, fresh air, various birds and colorful flowers.
Dinghu Mountain has been well-known for its deep and serene gorges, cold and clean waters, major scenic areas. Heavenly Brook-Qingyun Scenic Area includes the Hundred Buddha Cave, Green Trees Surrounded by Clouds, Flying Waterfalls of the Dragon Pond, and Double Rainbows, etc. The Dinghu-Tianhu Scenic Area features the Black Dragon Playing Pearls, Dragon Mother Borrowing a Vessel, Exploring the Heavenly Lake, and so on; and Yunxi-Laoding Scenic Area has the traces of bottle gourds, Water Curtain Cave, Dragon Hidden in the Ancient Pond, White Clouds Embracing Ancient Trees, etc.

OK, that’s our “homework” before we enter the Dinghu Mountain. Let’s go to buy the tickets~

Outside Main Gate
You see, though it was raining, there are still many people came to climb Dinghu Mountain.
The first thing we got to do is to capture the map. It’s seemed that we have quite a long way to go. 😕
Dinghu Map.JPG Dinghu Gate.JPG

We choose to climb by our own feet rather than rent electric motor cars. And… Later we discovered that it was not so clever to make it all by feet… It’s too large…. 😯
The scenery of Dinghu is so beautiful even when it was raining. We were surrounded by trees, rock, and a stream where run along with us. The stream sometimes became wide and quiet, sometimes became narrow and raging, sometimes a waterfall.
That’s a amazing adventure, I bet that you will like it when you come here.

Stream1 Stream4

Stream5 Stream6

When the stream slowed down and became quiet, people liked to go down and played with the cool and pure water.
Stream1 Stream3
The water that comes from the upper mountain had been filtered by the rocks and sand. It’s very pure and cool~ Many folks here often climb this mountain very morning to fetch water. And Dinghui Mountain’s stream water is sold quite well too. :mrgreen:
Feet washing Wanna wash your tired feet and make yourself cool down ?

Sometimes we had to went across the stream and it’s quite exciting~
Water1 Water2

We climbed higher and higher, the view became more and more extensive. And the rain seems to be smaller. Dinghu Mountain was covered by some frog or cloud or smoke? Anyway, something mystical.

After a long long climbing, we arrived at the lake of Dinghu Mountain. which we talk about before.
Dinghu lake Dinghu lake2
There is a small island in the lake which the tourists can buy a ticket to ship to there. It said that after going through a hanging bridge there is a valley called butterfly valley. Sounds interesting, but that isn’t our destination. After having a short rest, we head for the next stop, the Bao Ding Park. What will we see at there? That the story to tell at the next post. 😆

Jun 24th, 2009 | Posted in Tour
  1. Jun 25th, 2009 at 06:29 | #1

    I think i’ve seen this somewhere before…but it’s not bad at all

  2. galacy
    Jun 26th, 2009 at 23:16 | #2

    The water is so clean and cool.. you can’t miss it.
    Summer and Autumn would be the best season here. I suggest you bringing little luggage that you play the water easily. Slippers are necessary 😀

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