Mountain, Lake, and the Naughty Rain – Part 4@ On the Top of Dinghu Mountain

DSC03483.JPG butterfly
As we talk about at the last post, Dinghu Mountain is named by its shape on the top. And to make this name more attractive, people built a park to place many real “Ding”s. So that is the Bao Ding park, sited on one of three tops of Dinghu Mountain.

At the front gate, we can see two tall bronze men statues. Let’s see who are them.
bronze men DSC03473.JPG

This girl is so funny. 😀 Maybe she wanted to cos-plays that bronze statue behind her.
Funny girl
Look at this, a huge stone ink-slab 😯
stone ink-slab
And maybe you have seen the cycas(苏铁,铁树) blossomed out, but have you seen that it has two bunches of flowers at the same time?
So as its name said, this is a library of Ding culture. Of course, There are lots of Dings here, lots of ~
Ding1 Ding2 Ding3
Ding4 Ding5
Dings are related with ceremony and commemorate, something about history. They can tell the history they saw to us.
Look at this, these two Dings is made for commemorating the return of Hong Kong and Macao. And the poison felt beside them maybe is waiting for another Ding for the return of Taiwan. 😎
HongKong and Macao
Then came to the final one, the biggest bronze Ding in the world~~
Giant Ding So huge ~ isn’t it. Many people came to it and take photos with it and so did us~

Have a rest and take some traditional snack~
Snack The white one is call Mountain Stream Tofu. 😎 And the other is called Pig Red…maybe 😐

What’s over there?
Q kid
Yep, a very cute kid, a little mixed-blood boy 😀
Q kid2 Q kid4 Q kid3
Oh, he is so active and ran here and there, and his father and family memebers were just following behind him.

Here is one top of the Dinghu Mountain, we can have a great view from this position.
Big ad.
Ha, that’s a big ad. post of Dinghu Stream Water.

After leaving the Bao Ding Park, we went to the Qingyun Temple. Many tourist came here would go to this temple to pray and make a wish and so on.
Qingyun Temple Turtles Turtles2

Butterfly time~ They “killed” us many camera memery 😈
butterfly1 Butterfly2 Butterfly3

When we went down from the top, we also found some good views~
View1 View2
And this statue is … I don’t know how to explain. He is a famous for his upstanding and bravery and fighted for the right of ordinary people at the ancient time. So people respect him as the symbol of justice.

So, the tour at Dinghu Mountain was over now ~ Wish you will like it. :mrgreen:

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