Lotus Hill – Part 1@Kwan-yin and Lotus

Kwan yinIt was really amazing, the No. 6 typhoon this year, “Molave” just hit to Canton on 18 July. And the next day we decided to take a risk to go to Lotus Hill under a not certain weather. ❗

The rain drops started to fall suddenly when we got off the metro. We must made a decision whether to go ahead or fall back . Maybe the god was inspired and moved by our courage, the sky became more and more clear after we finished a simple lunch. 😎

We got the gate of Lotus Hill park and bought two tickets. With a handy pager about Lotus Hill, we can learned more about it.


Lianhuashan(literally means the Lotus Hill)Resort, Covering an area of 2.33 square km and with 108meters above sea level, is situated by the bank of Lion Sea and the estuary of Pearl River, thus it is provided with superior location and convenient communication. As a scenic spot combing the ancient ruggedness with the modern grace, it was awarded laureate titles such as “Top 8 Tourist Attractions of the New Century in Guangzhou City” and “National AAAA Tourist Attraction”, etc.

Main gate
Here is the main gate of Lotus Hill Park, anyway just take a photo of it. Lotus Hill park is famous for her beautiful natural views and green colors very where. We were very lucky that there were very few people came here today. Maybe we have to thank the typhoon. 😆 Let’s take a shot of this cool bull~ and also for this lovely lawn and trees.


lawn       lotus hill park1

Lotus PagodaBecause of the developing for tourism, there is a big motor road goes straightly to the top, that make going to the top easier. As to skip this boring man-made concrete road, we decided to rent a tourism small motor. 😎

Passing some new man-made sight spot such like follower garden and children’s playground etc., we got to the Lotus Pagoda which stand highly on the top of Lotus Hill:

Lotus Pagoda was built in 1612, that means it almost 400 years old 😯 . There are 9 floors of this bricked architecture pagoda and make it a height of 50 meters. And in 1981, some personalities from HongKong donate funds to repair this pagoda. And now what I want to do is to climb this pagoda ❗

Frankly speaking, it’s quite a tough job to climb, because the stairs are so narrow and steep. When I get to the last floor at the top of it, I almost breathed heavily. And of course, here is a good site to take nice photos~

up to top up and down down to ground
on top1 on top2
Guanyin Statue1 What a huge Kwan-yin statue. 😯 That’s where we were heading for later.

OK, Now I was totally ran out of energy after back to the ground of the hill top … But we still had lots places to go, so we moved on after having a few minutes short rest.

gate2 boat

folk artisan This folk artisan was working on a pager. This is painting or a writing? Can you figure what he was writing?

After that, we can see the large Kwan-yin statue facing the sea. It’s so large the I had to take photos from a long distant to catch the whole image.

Guanyin statue
Some people nearby said that it would change its facing direction 😯
Do you believe it?

Let’s look around here and find other spots:
Many people come here to pray:
Temple Temple2

Quite a nice pagoda near the temple. also a pool used to free the turtles.
pagoda1 pagoda2

pool with turtles Lotus2

So we were finished the half trip of Lotus. Then we would take another totally different way down from the hill. That was the other exciting adventure. 😎 See you at Lotus Hill – Part 2@ Ancient Quarry

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    cool~~~~ i like the photoes and huge Kwan-yin statue!!!
    but the Lotus are not beautiful enough…

  6. Jul 23rd, 2009 at 20:08 | #6

    The fact that so many lotus flowers survived and bloomed after such a terrible typhoon is already a gift from god for us. And BTW, more picture about the lotus flowers would be showed. Be patient for that~ 😎

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