Lotus Hill – Part 2@ Ancient Quarry Adventure

LotusAs I mean at the last post, we went to the top of hill from the “easy way”. Now this time, we would find a “tough” way got down from the hill. That was the second part of our trip~

cliffsLotus Resort has its rich historical and cultural relics within. The history of Ancient Quarry can be traced back to Xihan Dynasty, which is over 2000 years ago. Through out thousands of years of natural weathering, the ever excavated cliffs and caves have turned into marvelous landscape as a whole. In all its majestic and variety, it is well known as its unique spectacle which goes by the comment of “manpower exceeded nature’s engineering undesignedly”. And was approved as one of the National Preservation Unit of key Cultural Relic by the State Council in 2001. As for ancient architecture,there are also Lotus Pagoda built in Ming Dynasty(1612 A.D) and Lotus Wall built in Qing Dynasty (1664 A.D), both of which are preserved unit o provincial level.

Make short of long, we were going to see lots of rocks! Let’s rock~ 😎

Eagle CliffAfter leaving the giant Kwan-yin statue I mentioned at the last post, we went into a wild area. Here is full of forest and rocks, and different from where we have been before. We passed through a long path which twists many times and finally find the famous cliff marked on the map, the Fling Eagle Cliffs. As the name of it, we can imagine how steep they are. And actually, they are not only steep, the shapes of they are almost like a standing books, impossible for climbing. But… there are really some huge characters (means Fling Eagle Cliff)craved on one of the cliffs. How can human make it ❓
Eagle Cliff2

We didn’t find the eagles on there, but we got some others, some little birds on the top of one cliff. 😀 Obviously They are the big stars now 😆
Here is a good site for view. We can see the sea and the harbor at the other side. Many ships, Lots of arms of cranes and uncountable containers, make a good picture of a story about human and the sea.

Oh, BTW, We found a big lotus pool not far away from the Fling Eagle Cliffs, There are quite a lot of lotus flowers there~
Lotus Pool bee and lotus
In order to catch this picture, I spent at least ten shots at this little naughty bee. 😡 It really didn’t know to be a good model. 👿

Back to the “way of rock”, we saw pavilion high upon a huge(maybe you would say how many time do I use this adj. word, but actually they are huge… And there are going to be more “huge” :mrgreen: ) cliff, Let’s go and take a chance to have a rest~~
pavilion1 pavilion2
This pavilion is called Lingnan Pavilion. Maybe you would be interested about the couplets, just click to enlarge it, because we are going to show more and more ancient poems, ancient proses that carved on those huge guys

The path was twisted many times that made us so confused about our location that we can only follow the signposts. The signpost said that the next site was the Lion Rock. Where is the Lion? Oh, I found it here~ Do you see it?
Lion rock

Many many rock cut neatly form many caves and pools and cliffs. They formed a fantasy world of rocks
Ting huge rock
pool pool2
What was the little turtle looking forward? the statue of the 😆 ? That would be the story of Prince Turtle~

There is no reason that nobody left some words of praise for such beautiful place. Poem, proses can be seen everywhere.
DSC03600.JPG DSC03597.JPG
DSC03607.JPG This rock is called “100 words of good fortune” because there are 100 characters in different font styles of the same word, “福”, which means good fortune in Chinese.

What’s this? 😯 I think it is a lizard. Why does it appear at this place?

The next stop is very famous and has a beautiful name, the Swallow Cliff. I think maybe many swallows come to this cliff to build their nests here upon the cliff so it got this name. We didn’t find any swallow this time maybe the swallows didn’t come back in this season. But the cliffs and lotus follows really killed many memory of our camera.
swallow cliff DSC03609.JPG
DSC03611.JPG Lotus pool2

Our physical power is running down, we had to find the way out. Our journey was nearly over, finally let’s back to the Lotus Lake to see the lovely flowers again~
Lotus Lake Lotus Lake2 Lotus Lake3

Jul 25th, 2009 | Posted in Tour
  1. iris
    Jul 28th, 2009 at 23:59 | #1

    i felt so lucky that all those brilliant pics haven’t killed my little pirate ship~
    wonderful lotus~
    i like the pic with a white sculpture in the center of the lake~
    3x for sharing~

  2. Jul 29th, 2009 at 07:20 | #2

    😛 your cdma2000 wireless connection seems to be faster now. But can you make the enlargement by clicking the pictures? Because many pictures need to be enlarged to see.

  3. galacy
    Jul 31st, 2009 at 21:03 | #3

    came to this place many years ago but i couldn’t find any lutus. this time was the best.
    i like the naughty bee and the cool lizard, it was hard to seize the right monent to take a good shoot..

  4. Jul 31st, 2009 at 21:56 | #4

    Maybe I should take a job as a photographer~ 😎

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