Nanguo Book Fair

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Let’s continue our story after we went to Yuexiu Park. There is a exhibition center on the opposite side of the Park. We finished our lunch and then go to Jinhan exhibition center for the Nanguo Book Fair there. Though I had no plan to buy some books, I still want to make a wandering. Just like hunting interesting stuff on a flea market 😆

After queuing in a line that twisted many time, we finally approached the entrance. 👿

Oh~ nice, maybe today is not the right day to come to here. Weekend brings too many people and especially the children those are having the summer vocation now. 😯

Maybe this picture I took from the step can tell you how many people there at the day….OMG, now I am very sure that we come here at a wrong time.

There are various book from many different area. Those shops which sold books from HK and TW are quite popular. But actually the prices of those books are quite expensive. It said that the prices are 10% off of 20% off, but in fact, the exchange rate they used are not fair. For an example, it said that the exchange rate between HK dollar and RMB is 1:1. 👿

Many children means? The toy sales wouldn’t miss this good chance! 😆 Besides those book shops, there are also many toy shops at this book fair.

er… Is the the Panda Man???

This book fair was quite big and crowded! Unluckily, After we went around the whole exhibition, I didn’t find anything I want to buy. We fled away from there and went back by metro.

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