Face the Sea – Part 3 @ Eastern Sea Island

An Italian: I traveled the world without a destination.

Then one day, when going through one of the many towns I never knew, I came to a hill, I climbed to the top and I saw…

My God, the most beautiful thing in my life.

The sea!
1900: The sea?

An Italian: The sea. I’d never seen it before.

I was like being hit by lightening.

Because I heard its voice.

1900: The voice of the sea?
An Italian: Yes.  The voice of the sea. I’ve never heard it.

It’s like a huge shout, the voice of the sea, that screams and screams and

what it screams is :”You! Men with shit in your brains! Life is immense! Can you understand that? Immense!”

I’d never thought about it. I had a revolution in my head.

That’s how I suddenly decided to change my life, to start afresh. Change life, start afresh.

Tell that to your friend.

This conversation above is a small talk between our Mr.1900 and a elderly immigrant from Italy. The sea is always great and miraculous. The border-less width and unknown depth makes it just likes a old wizard with unlimited acknowledge and has the power to read one’s heart totally with just a glance.

When we are planning this trip, the sea is the main goal and we manage to make a swim in this salt water for the first time~
So even we got a little tired when we left the Huguangyan National GeoPark, we still headed to the Eastern Sea Island at once.

From this map, we can find out that this island is to the south of Zhanjiang urban district, and much larger than the Techeng Island we went to yesterday. The bus brought us to a station with a funny name called”Dragon Sea Sky” 😎 Then we go to the beach to see the great sea we dreamed for a long time~~ Let’s take some photos with this beautiful beach before we went into the salt water to swim.


There is a big rock carved some words on it, saying that this is the longest beach in China. Many people went to the big rock to take picture with it. 😆


Even we stand at the beach with a distance from the water, we can feel the great power of the sea. The sea, which give the earth the name of blue planet, is the origin of life. Now we are in front of our great mother, with a feeling the I never can say. She is calling us, calling us to go to her arm. We are going into the sea water, listen and feel by our ears, skin, muscle, and soul.

So here we are~ ~ After finished changing our clothes, we run into the embrace of our mother sea.
And… because our camera was kept in the safety-deposit box. There isn’t any picture of us in swimsuit~~ 😆

Oct 15th, 2009 | Posted in Tour
  1. galacy
    Oct 15th, 2009 at 23:22 | #1

    so classic, it remains me some touching scence of The Legend Of 1900.
    the sea was his home, he loved it and never leaved…
    i could get him now… the sea is beautiful and full of fun

  2. Oct 16th, 2009 at 10:09 | #2

    Good tour!The scape is so beautiful!

  3. Oct 16th, 2009 at 11:20 | #3

    Yep, the sea is great ~ And the seafood is also what we aimed for~ 😆

  4. iris
    Oct 16th, 2009 at 22:42 | #4

    the sea… reminds me of the night in bastia, the island of beauty-corsica.
    i sit in front of the sea,watching a full moon rising,brightened the dark night,i was so impressed at that moment,i will never forget about that scene…

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