Google by Yourself! Stretch-Hand Party

Google by yourselfI’d like to say “Google is an attitude”. (Of course, if you are used with Yahoo or Baidu, you can change the subject word.) In my opinion, the skill of searching information you want freely on line is one of the most important and most-have skills in the modern cyber world. And Google the information by yourself first is a kind of polite to others who wanna help you. No matter how much information you can get by your hands, that would show that you have tried it out and you don’t mean to disturb your friends really but have no choice.

Lu Xun advocates the Fetch-and-Take principle, said that we should learn the good things from other countries and use them to help our selves. But Fetch-and-Take is not Ask-and-take. Nowadays, more and more people are keen on being a Ask-and-take. They consider that the web is only a resource base to them, all they have to do is just stretch their hand and someone will hand over what they want. And the worse is that more and more children and teenage are joining the “Stretch Hand Party”. For example, in a English learning chat group, someone like to interrupt to ask what’s the meaning of one simple word that could find out in a on-line dictionary very simple. Or some newbie that even doesn’t know how to speak “Ubuntu” came to ask me some very simple Linux problems that posted on the top of many popular Linux forums. 😐

Let me google that for you is a funny site that help people to get rid of those “Stretch Hand Party” members. 😆 It help me to solve some bore-some problems and the more important, help more and more those guys learn how to make it by their hands.

Dec 7th, 2009 | Posted in Soliloquy
  1. galacy
    Dec 7th, 2009 at 21:21 | #1

    you should absolutely introduce this site to the “post 90s”!! 😉

  2. Dec 7th, 2009 at 23:14 | #2

    Nothing related with age, it’s an attitude. But there is such trend actually… 😕

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