Harbin Thrilling Journey – Part 1 :Prelusion

mapAs a very very “classical” southerner, I never ever saw a really snowflake nor knew what the temperature below zero °C feels like. Making a journey at a “snowing” place is always the most desirous one of my  dreams. Which city would be titled as ice and snow metropolis in China? All people all give you the answer, Harbin without hesitancy. Then I am at Canton, the city lies in the very south China, and Harbin, lies in the very northeast China. How to make it? that’s the biggest problem stands in front of us. BTW, can we bear in the temperature that stand at the opposite side of the red zero bar in the thermo-graph? 😕

This crazy plan was reminded again by AFC members casual chatting and make a decision at October. Thanks to the AFC group members, especially Iris, you make my dream come true. (What’s AFC stands for ? Maybe we shall talk about it later 😆 ) With the help of them, we make up a very detailed blueprint of “AFC@Harbin”. Now, we were not just dreamers, we were rolling out! 😈 After booking plane ticket and buying winter protection stuff like down coat, snowshoes, gloves on the Internet. We are ready to fly before the new year vacation.

301220091128.jpg30th Dec. 2010, our big day to fly across the whole great China. Our thrilling and exciting journey to Harbin began! It was predestined to be a “exciting” one because many unexpected things happened before we landed to the frozen land. At first, we thought we make a perfect preparation before we got to the New Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. That was the place where our nightmare started. 😥 For the bad driving of the airport shuttle bus, I was a little uncomfortable when we got off the shuttle bus and didn’t noticed that we forgot to bring one luggage. Then we went straight to fetch our boarding licenses without any thinking. After we realized we did a terrible things, we were totally freaked out and the perfect scheme suddenly broke into pieces.

301220091129.jpgIt happened just like a chain reaction. We spent too much time to find our lost luggage to get on board. After missing the plan we have to change our ticket and waiting the other plane at night. Luckily we got the news that luggage was kept by the bus station afternoon. But we have no time to fetch anymore. This time we went to the waiting area early for our second chance, but what we got is the news that our plane would delay by more that one hour … 😯

301220091134.jpgFinally,,, we took off from Baiyun Airport and head to…. Shenyang! Because our direct flight had already gone at noon and this plane had to landed at Shenyang first. 🙁 And the worse thing was one of our down coats was in the lost luggage!!! I had no down coat to take on and stand outside under about -25 °C at Shenyang airport while changing plane … 😯

We didn’t give up though so many troubles came to us and landed at Harbin about 2 o’clock in deep night… Our dear AFC friends kept concerned until we got there and sent warm down coat for me. Thank you! Iris and Aerock! 😥 They waited for us for more that one hour under that chilly night, almost -30 °C at that time… We four poor guys spent another hour to hotel and made this unforgettable flight finished. We were all totally exhausted…..

This is my first time to take plane and first time to see so many ice and snow. Though there were lots of unacceptable accidents and trouble, it became more exciting and incredible~! ❗

Feb 11th, 2010 | Posted in Tour
  1. Feb 11th, 2010 at 16:26 | #1

    hah, self abuse

  2. Feb 11th, 2010 at 18:37 | #2

    Totally SM myself~

  3. galacy
    Feb 11th, 2010 at 23:40 | #3

    have you ever calculate the distance between GZ and HRB?
    i think we are brave, aren’t we?? we choose the coldest days of the year!

  4. Feb 12th, 2010 at 08:02 | #4

    More than three thousands six hundreds km away from Canton….

    And we are crazy~! 😈

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