Harbin Thrilling Journey – Part 2@ Cathedral & Province Museum

Now we were at one of the most famous ice cities in the world, with the extremely low temperature I never met. But the inside heating in the hotel warm us up. After having a very nice sleep and simple breakfast, our adventure began from here, the downtown of Harbin.
DSC03983.JPG DSC03984.JPG

PS: Can you see the one stylish building on the left? That is the famous old food campany in Harbin. And its famous Harbin red sausages and candies are the best choice of souvenirs for those vistors like us. 😛

Look at this~ A Russian goods selling mall, but my Harbin friend said those goods were too expensive to buy, so just passed it…
DSC03982.JPGIf you ask me how I felt in such frozen weather, I would say it’s totally a challenge! I would never consider that one day I stand upon the ground that cover ice surrounded by freezing air. Though we were wearing thick and heavy clothes, the wing was still cutting our faces. It’s definitely “cool” experience for the guys from the south like me. You can image that how could it be if you saw your eyelash covered with ice frequently…

Before we reached the Province Museum, we came across a cathedral. Like many buildings in Harbin, this red building is also in Russian style. This red cathedral is so attractive among those modern buildings and streets. Harbin today is still very much influenced by its Russian past. A city once under Russian rule, it is now a center of trade with that country.The influence of Russia came with the construction of the China Far East Railway, an extension of the Trans-Siberian Railway, and Harbin, known formerly as a fishing village began to prosper as the largest commercial, economic center of North Eastern Asia. So we can find many evidences like this in the downtown.

DSC03974.JPG DSC_0827.JPG
DSC03972.JPG DSC_0821.JPG

Human settlement in the Harbin area dates from at least 2200 BC (late Stone Age). So its history is very a chick book to read. To know a city, the museum is the very starting place. After a quite “hard” walk, we arrived the Helongjiang Province Museum.


The museum is so big to walk around. we spent hours in it. Aerock who came from Beijing is a super expert about the old stuff and history. He is keen on collecting antiques. Thanks to his guide, we experienced a great history and culture feast.

DSC03986.JPG DSC03987.JPG

DSC03989.JPG DSC03990.JPG

To be continued….

Feb 14th, 2010 | Posted in Tour
  1. galacy
    Feb 14th, 2010 at 23:32 | #1

    Well, you should show more pictures of the Harbin’s architecture.. lots of it’s buildings are Russian style and with long history. they may no longer exist when we visit next time..
    BTW, I think most of the southern people have no idea of ice in the eyelash. it’s really funny…you should show that too

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