Harbin Thrilling Journey – Part 4@ Streets and Central Avenue


At the post “Part 2@ Cathedral & Province Museum”, we knowed that Harbin is very much influenced by its Russian past. There are many traces that talk us the story about the old time.

So visiting the old urban of Harbin would be the best experience for those who love history and building architecture. We took bus to the old urban at a quite special street. There are lots of old building here and also plenty of antique shops. 😯 Yep, here is not only the “old” place, but also the place of selling “old” stuff.

We went into several antique shops and found kinds of interesting things there. And we almost got lost at the “Great Russian New and Old Good Trade Market”. From old radio machines to old comic book we read when we were still children, from pieces of fossil to beautiful china vase, no matter Russian antiques or domestic ones, all kind of antiques can be found here.

IMG_0520.JPG IMG_0521.JPG

DSC04017.JPG DSC04023.JPG

We spent our time there for the whole morning. And then we walked through many street with different styles. They are also very impressive.

DSC04021.JPG IMG_0543.JPG

Then we arrived the bank of the Songhua River when the sun started to fell. After spending a while on the ice in the river and waking on the iron railway bridge, we headed to the central avenue.

DSC04038.JPG IMG_0570.JPG

Central avenue is the center of Harbin City. Though the stone road is still the same as how it looks likes hundreds of years ago, the central avenue has a new modern look already. There is no different between those big shopping streets in other cities and here. The only difference is this street has its unique exotic sentiment.
IMG_0574.JPG IMG_0571.JPG

DSC_0998.JPG DSC04030.JPG


Feb 16th, 2010 | Posted in Tour
  1. Anonymous
    Mar 11th, 2010 at 18:14 | #1

    the old buildings are very special and have some Russian style..
    just like the sotto portico in Guangzhou….
    i’m thinking of making a movie there would be interesting…

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