Harbin Thrilling Journey – Part 5@ Sun Island

Sun Island, maybe this is a name that make you think of sunshine and warm day. But it was the winter time right now… The warm day is an impossible dream…
As I mentioned at the last post, the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival has two main exhibition areas. Excluding the “Ice and Snow World”, the Enormous snow sculptures at sun island is another big show we should visit.


At the front gate:

A little warm wooden hut (actually it is a shop and restaurant …):

Then show time!
IMG_0585.JPG DSC04042.JPG

DSC04043.JPG DSC04048.JPG

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is an annual activity and there are many excellent snow sculptures created by many artists from different countries. As we known that snow will melt and disappear when the spring comes. And these beautiful art works will disappear. But don’t worry, people choose the best pieces of works to make the plaster copies for them. Then we can have the chance to enjoy those amazing snow sculpture years ago


Though I am totally a southerner, I still know that snow is very soft and loose. Maybe we can use it to make a normal size snow man, but it can’t form those such huge sculptures by just putting the snow together. So how the artists make it possible?
We were lucky to get the answer because we were the early visitors. Many snow sculptures were still “under construction”.

Let’s take a interview from how the snow comes to being art works:
these are some snow making machines. They were blowing out snow. Then packed the snow into blocks and transfer to different working places. Unpacking them and put them together to form the general size of the sculpture. The workers began to work on these giant snow rocks.
DSC_1097.JPG -> DSC_1104.JPG

-> IMG_0626.JPG

I wanna to have a try this sled pulled by dogs :mrgreen: :

That’s all, still for the freezing cold weather, our camera all “died” very early. 😥

Left Our mark here, AFC forever~ 😀

Mar 8th, 2010 | Posted in Tour
  1. galacy
    Mar 9th, 2010 at 20:50 | #1

    we should go to the Sun Island to feel the island in summer..
    we may find the real sun…

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