Harbin Thrilling Journey – Part 6 Giant Feast@Harbin

Sometimes you would really be astonished by the size of the our great homeland. In such huge land, people live different lives in different areas. For the differences of weather, geography and culture, there are many kinds of food in China. And the food of the East North also give us a big surprise. 😯

Before taking dinner, let’s find some interesting things such as … selling ice creams in open packages 😆
Yep, they are all real ice creams and ice-lollies in deed. We all know that ice creams can be only kept in the refrigerators before be eaten. But at this season, Harbin is totally a huge refrigerator itself. Those ice creams and ice-lollies wouldn’t melt anyhow. We these southerns can’t believe our eyes when we saw at the first time. But we got used to that because all people did it like that everywhere 😀

Don’t be surprised so early, there were more and more funny things when we carried on.
Here was a old market in Harbin old downtown. You can see lots of fresh meat and fish were frozen without using any cooling equipments. They were as hard as rocks…. Now you didn’t consider the shelf life of those fresh goods anymore. 😆
Not all kinds of food are suitable for refrigeration. You can see that fruits and vegetables were all kept in warming shop windows.

DSC_0973.JPG DSC_0963.JPG

In a Harbin style restaurant:
Yep, it’s a stove on the table 😆 After giving our order, the waitress came again with the stuffs and cook in front of us! 😯 Amazing isn’t?

This picture was taken in Iris’s home. Her family are so warmhearted and hospitable. They prepare a lot of Harbin of traditional food for us. And just remember, here wasn’t the whole feast, there were still lots of dishes waiting to be stacked…

Having dinner at Iris’s home is a fantasy experience for us. Harbin’s food is quite different from ours in the south. It’s more generous and a little bit salty. We love those food very much. Though we couldn’t ‘smash’ one third of those dishes, we had to give up for our full stomaches.

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    鬼畜满天飞,到处都是重口味~ (From:《我哥在光腚》)

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    oh~~~ that’s the most attractive topic!! i like the red sausage and Lappi.. so traditional!

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