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As a big fan of South Park, I can’t miss any new episode of it. And this great comedy animation has been broadcasted years and years and the 200th episode finally comes. In 200th and  201th episode, the most heard voice is “bi-~”. “Bi” is used to cover those sensitive words, image, and other stuffs.

South Park can’t be seen on TV in China, a country that has the most great number of censored words. But thanks to the Internet, there are many many South Park fans in China. For example, I started to watch South Park when I was in the campus 4 years ago. And then I discovered that there are so many guys like me on the web in China.

Sometimes I think about why South Park so popular in China. It’s funny that this animation didn’t release Chinese version in mainland of China, and also it contains a lot of American jokes that we hardly to get it. But South Park is totally a big hit. The reason I love it is because that I admire the freedom of discuss and express people’s own feelings. We admire the American people’s liberty of speech. The author of South Park can make fun of whoever they want, including the President of USA. But if we say something about our “great” Party in our opinion and stand in a wrong point, maybe someone would call you to drink…. South Park is very brave to express the author’s, the ordinary people’s voices, thinkings in public, so there are many censored things couldn’t be told about and seen directly. Then the “bi” voice comes out very frequently. In fact, we got it most of the time… That is the most funny thing and we all know that. And at this point, we Chinese guys love this “bit” sound very much because it just like the situation we are facing all the time. Our great China Lan is full of sensitive culture. “The Big Brother is watching you”  All the sensitive information would be filtered or the sensitive word would be replace by “CENSORED”.

Chinese web is a black joke itself. And Chinese netizens love telling black jokes. So we love South Park~ :mrgreen:

Apr 23rd, 2010 | Posted in Soliloquy
  1. galacy
    Apr 28th, 2010 at 21:22 | #1

    wow, no one but you taking south park so seriously…
    can’t deny south park is cartoon. in fact, it’s not the real cartoon for the children, cause it’s sometimes too bloody and sexual..
    any way… i like it, i like the black joke it express..

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