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Back to My hometown – Part 1
Searching the root of Teochiu

Chaozhou (Chinese: 潮州; pinyin: Cháozhōu; Wade-Giles: Ch’ao²-chou¹; literally “Tide Prefecture”; usually spelled Chiu Chow in the US and Hong Kong), also widely known by its Postal map spelling Teochew, is a prefecture-level city in eastern Guangdong province, People’s Republic of China. It borders Shantou to the south, Jieyang to the southwest, Meizhou to the northwest, […]

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Back to My hometown – Part 2
@ Kaiyuan Temple

Kaiyuan Temple (開元寺) is a Buddhist center embodied with the quintessence of the architectural art of various dynasties such as the Tang, the Song, the Yuan and the Qing. This temple is over 200 years old. The temple is also home to the most influential Buddhism Study Institute in Southeast China. Inside, handsome calligraphy and […]

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Back to My Hometown – Part 3
@ Memorial Gateway Street

As we known that Chaozhou is a famous historical and cultural city in the country. The city’s feature is known as “Classic Tourist City” which receives numerous tourists both from abroad and home. There are many valuable historic relics in Chaozhou city, totally about 600 units and among them 42 are classified as the state, […]

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Back to My Hometown – Part 4
@Guangzi Bridge and Ming city wall

Guangzi Bridge (Chinese: 广济桥; pinyin: Guǎng Jì Qiáo, literally Great Charity Bridge), also known as Siangze Bridge (Chinese: 湘子桥; pinyin: Xiāng Zǐ Qiáo) is situated at east urban Chaozhou, China. It is a key cultural relic site under the state’s protection, and it is renowned as one of the four famous ancient bridges; the other […]

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Back to My Hometown – Add. Part:
Culture and History of Teochew(Chaozhou)

OK , before we go to the next stop of our tour, Let’s learn some culture information about Teochew. That maybe very funny and useful for you, and I think it’s also very important for myself. Brew a nice pot of  Gongfu Tea, enjoy it with the beautiful moon together 😉 (一壶好茶一壶月)~

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Back to My Hometown – Part 5
@My old Middle School and Crocodile Gloriette

Every time I was back, I would go to my old middle school. Also this time, we go to visit my old middle school, Chaozhou Golden Hill Middle School. Golden Hill Middle School has a long history. It said that in the ancient times, the one master started to teach on the gourd hill which […]

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Back to My Hometown – Part 6
@Jiadi Alley and Folk Custom Museum

In Chinese Jiadi means somebody achieves the No.1 at the Imperial Civil Examination in the old days. So this Alley is name after the Number One Scholar Lin Daqin, cause he was the only person who got the title of  Number One Scholar at Chaozhou and built ancestral hall here at this alley.  Chaozhou has […]

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Back to My Hometown – Part 7
@HanwenGong Temple

There is a river called Han river, there is a mountain called Mount Han. There are too many things that named after Han Yu(韩愈). Han Yu is not born here, and actually stayed here just for his dismissal and exile. In his biography, this period was just several sentences.  But to the people of  Chaozhou, […]

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Back to My Hometown – Part 8
@Thailand Buddhism Temple and Huiru Park

Chaozhou is the howntown of many oversea Chinese. The Teochew diaspora can be found almost anywhere in the world, especially Southeast Asia, North America, Australasia and France. The diaspora, at least estimated, contains over 10 million people, which is as much as the population of Chaoshan itself. And the places where we went today are […]

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Asian Sports Village Under Construction

The Asian Sports Village is one of the most important projects of Asian Games construction. As the countdown in my blog’s sidebar shows, there are only about 360 days left for the opening of 16th Asian Games. And we must have several months for preparing and testing the “hardware” situation and also let the athletes […]

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