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Banana Leaf

There are many special theme restaurants in Canton. Banana Leaf is one of them, which is focus on Southeast Asia food. Actually it’s my fist time to come to Banana Leaf, and Banana Leaf really gave me a surprise. 😆

Indian, Filipino, Vietnam, Thailand… there are too many different kinds of food waiting for us~ I hope I can try all of them at one time. But with my poor wallet, we’d better keep our heads clear. After a careful discussion, we made our order. Yep, a mix style feast~ Vietnam Big Shrimp with Plum Juice, Indian Durian chapatis, Meat slice Coconut Juice(I don’t know it belongs to which country style, but really tasty~), and Chinese broccoli. Make your mouth water, isn’t it? 😛

banana leaf

I think the most attractive of Banana Leaf isn’t only these fascinating food, but also the special Southeast nation ambience. The waiters, waitresses and cooks are very passionate and humorous. Ever the security guard who comes from Philippines often amuse the costumer such as playing a little magic show.

There is a special group of people playing music and dancing from here and there in restaurant. Sometime they would sing their nations’ music and dance, and sometimes the English songs, even Chinese songs 😆 Wherever they go, the laugh and applause would come along. Here is a small video clip that shot by my cell phone. Though it isn’t very clear and the point of view is not good, the singers and dancers really gave us a very good impression.

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DanXia – Part 2@ Sunrise on Elder Peak

Watching sunrise at DanXia is the very choice of most tourists. The best spot to see sunrise is the Elder Peak. Elder Peak is another high mountain in Mountain DanXia area. And for it’s height and direction, people can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise there. But in the other hand, to climb Elder Peak at the very early morning is also a big challenge for them.

DSC04302The original plan is to get up at 4 o’clock and spend an hour for climbing then arrived the Sunrise Seeing Pavilion to watching the sunrise. But thanks to Galacy’s graceful dance movement, we have to take plan B to go to there… 😐 So if you wanna go to climb Elder Peak, don’t be as drumble as Galacy. Anyway, we arrived the top of Elder peak much more earlier, and saw many tourist already waiting here. Watching a sunrise is such like playing a gamble, you never know that the sunrise would as perfect as a pan-fry egg. And maybe we need more luck this time, the sun hided behind the cloud shamefacedly as a maiden. The “sunrise watchers” didn’t want to give up after they spent an hour climbing(and we two didn’t want to waste our telpher tickets 👿 ), most of people waited and waited for almost another hour there.

And finally 😀 :

From here, we can see not only the sunrise, but also the beautiful scenery of Danxia landform area.

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DanXia – Part 1@ Sunset on YangYuan Peak

Galacy and I always want to go to climb a great mountain and see sunset or sun rise. Danxia mountain is just on the north of Guangdong, 2 hours railway travelling from Canton, is the best place nearby for us. We plan this trip two months ago, but always got delayed. Recently, a news said that Mount Danxia were inscribed as a World Heritage Site as part of the property China Danxia successfully. This news really “encourage” us to make DanXia plan out of paper. DSC04256

Mountain Danxia is a famous scenic area near Shaoguan city in the northern part of Guangdong, China. The Danxia mountain is formed from a reddish sandstone which has been eroded over time into a series of mountains surrounded by curvaceous cliffs and many unusual rock formations (Danxia Landform). It is described in local signage as a “world famous UNESCO geopark of China”. There are a number of temples located on the mountains and many scenic walks can be undertaken. There is also a river winding through the mountains on which boat trips can be taken to enjoy the scenery.
— Wikipedia.org

I am always wondering how this mountain range be name as “丹霞” such a beautiful name. After I saw a poster there I understood finally. Ancient Chinese loves to explore the natural, especially the scholars. They discovered that the could of rocks in Mountain Danxia have plenty of beautiful color. The red ones are almost the same color as Lilium concolor. And if you look from a wide angel, great mountain would make up a huge sea of colorful shinning cloud. So the ancient scholars described it as ” 色如渥丹,灿若明霞”. Then people name this mountain range as “丹霞” for the meaning as “Clouds of Lilium concolor”.

Our plan is to see the sunset at YangYuan Peak and sunrise at Elder Peak. After we arrived scenic area, we check in the hotel that we booked online and feed ourselves up. We didn’t start our trip quickly but go to bed until 4 o’clock because the local people in form us that at that time we can arrive the mountaintop of Yang peak as soon as the sun begin to set down.


YangYuan Peak is named for the famous rock, the YangYuan Rock, also called “Ancestral Rock” or directly “Male Stone”. Why? maybe you have found the reason as soon as I show up the picture 😆 Many people come here to see this strange rock and take photos. And lots of them believe that this rock has a strange power that it can decide the gender of the infant. So there is a special place for them to pray the “Male Stone” to have a male or female offspring. It is not a joke in China really. Even today there are still hundreds thousands of people come to burned sticks and pray.


OK, although YangYuan Rock is very “charming”, our main target today is to climb the YangYuan Peak where we will see our first sunset together. After we left the Male Stone, we began the hardest part of our journey. There are two track to go to the top of this peak and we decided to climb via the more difficult one. Maybe we believe that the more effort we did, the more beautiful sunset we saw.(Actually we don’t know anything about these tracks before climbing) 😎 After a few minutes “normal” mountain pass, the real big show came out! The path began to “stand up” from here and some place are totally leaning 90 degree. 😯 It feels that we were rock climbing, not mountaineering. Anyway, we are all young and “strong”, we won’t give up to any difficult mountain path. 👿

DSC04269 DSC04273 php9OYaqk

It took us almost an hour to approach the highest place of the YangYuan Peak, from where we can have a great view. It’s very nice, isn’t it?

We have a rest there to restore our energy for the next step, the best place to see the sunset, the gorgeous sunset, the dramatic sunset ~ 😎
DSC04292 DSC04287

The light of the setting sun was change very second. You can’t read their beauty totally by my several pieces of photos. But I hope to share it with all people. The setting sun inflames the sky, and glorified the scene, every things change and became miserable.

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WALL·E ~ Roll out!!

Wall· E is one of my favorite cartoon movie. This lovely and cute robot is so adorable especially when his innocent eyes look at you directly. And I decided to buy Galacy this toy of Wall· E as one of her birthday gifts, hopping that she would love my presents. 😀

This robot model has a special function that it can replay the transforming process just likes Wall· E did in the movie~!! 😈

Our little Wall· E, let’s move out !

Cube mode:

Release the Legs of track

Spread out two arms

And finally comes out the funny head and innocent big eyes~~

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37℃ 2

It’s 29th July again. This year we went to a western-style restaurant for a feast 😈

We searched on the web and mark this restaurant called “37℃ 2 ” as tonight target.
Because it’s entrance doesn’t show out at the main street, we almost miss it and spend a few minutes to find it on a lane near to the street. This place is quite nice and pretty for our dinner. From the wall and stair, we can see that this building has a long history and is decorated attentively.

After some drink and appetizers served, our first main food came up. It’s a French style food and my first time to eat French snail!!! 😯 Maybe from this picture you can’t find out where they are. but they are really in the mashed potato. If you asked me how it tasted and feel, I have no idea…

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Linux for our life

As a Linux user for several years, Linux give me another view of the world and lots of Linux lovers share lots of fun with me. Wanna to give thans to Linux, I bought a few stuff from a B2C web site. :mrgreen:
The first one is a Tee with Ubuntu Logo:

Ubuntu Tee

It’s so awesome. Ubuntu is my using Linux dist.. And I love its logo because it show love and peace to us, Reminding us that we are connected , no matter where we are and whom we are.

The other Tee I bought is a GNOME Tee:


I love this “big paw” very much. GNOME is my favorite Linux Desktop environment. It’s so elegant and effective. There is no more luxuriant decorative odds in Gnome. That make it very friendly to me.

Beside those two Tees above, I also got a mouse pad in Ubuntu theme with half price~~ 😎

Ubuntu Mouse Pad

Do you Love it too ? 😀

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[Yahoo Finance]Google asks US, EU to press China on censorship

From Yahoo Finance

BRUSSELS (AP) — Google Inc.’s top lawyer said Wednesday that the world’s leading search engine is asking the U.S. and European governments to press China to lift Internet censorship, describing it as an unfair barrier to free trade.

David Drummond told reporters that western states should defend the free trade in information with the same kind of rules that they use to complain of China’s below-cost sale of products.

He said government talks are “the only way that it’s going to change, that this tide of censorship or this rising censorship is going to be arrested.”

The company sparred with Chinese leaders earlier this year when it stopped self-censoring its search results in line with Chinese rules after it said Chinese hackers had tried to plunder its software coding and hijack the Gmail accounts of human rights activists.

Since late March, Google has been redirecting search requests from mainland China to Hong Kong, which doesn’t have the same restrictions.

“The cyber attack was sort of the final straw because we felt that it was increasingly hard to do business there in accordance with our values,” Drummond said, describing the company as in danger of becoming “part of the same apparatus” of Chinese state censorship.

“Censorship, in addition to being a human rights problem, is a trade barrier,” he said. “If you look at what China does — the censorship, of course, is for political purposes but it is also used as a way of keeping multinational companies disadvantaged in the market.”

“It should be obvious that the Internet sector is very important to the west and so we should be working on seeing that that kind of trade is protected,” he said.

Drummond would not comment on whether he believed the United States could take a case under World Trade Organization rules against China, which can ultimately allow the U.S. to seek trading rights in compensation for any proven harm to its companies.

Instead, he said new trade rules may be needed to cover the Internet.

“Under a lot of trade rules, there’s still this notion that domestic media markets should be off limits to trade and that’s got to change,” he said.

He said he’d had some support in discussions with the U.S., French and German governments and with the European Union executive for pressing Google’s case and Chinese restrictions on the Internet in bilateral and multilateral talks.

The European Union persistently raises human rights issues with China, usually without much success. Indeed, a Chinese state multibillion dollar buying spree to Europe last year pointedly shunned France after President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to boycott the opening of the Beijing Olympics over unrest in Tibet. China refuses to hold talks with the Tibetan government in exile.

In my opinion, censorship investigation in China Internet really has a terrible influence to foreign enterprises which have business with China. You see, nowadays, more and more company choose internet business and advertisement even customer service. All part of their business can’t be separated with the cyber world. But in China, maybe they have to face a lots of problems that can’t be solved. For example, their web site maybe can’t access for the reason that the host which served their web service is blocked. Or you can say they can do all the business via their own VPN connection or some other way, but how about their customers ? Their Google ads would fail to convince the Chinese people just because the suck CCTV always said that Google is bad and evil. Their twitter client service would fail to receive customers’ feed back just because twitter can’t be access here…

So I agree with the point that WTO should get involved in this case. Just tear down the Internet finance barrier !

PS: I have on idea about the human right arguments in the above article.Just hate the stupid Chinese Great LAN and censorship investigation.

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Save the Energy, Save the World

The sticky damn summer of Canton has come. My poor little laptop would face a serious problem about its own temperature which cause it closes itself directly.
Yep, we can set the power performance manually. But there are only few fixed profile to choose: high performance, low performance and balance… Then I have to focus on the temperature’s changing and switch different setting among them.

Maybe Granola is a good choice for me. It’s a smart automatically energy management software. That sounds cool~ Now I only have to install it and let it do the job for me. And beside, I can also install a GUI interface to see what it has done.

Make a notice for myself:

1 download and run the install script: here

2 install software and GUI interface:

sudo apt-get install granola granola-gui

and it’s done~

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It’s Time for A Change

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS has come. Let’s Ubunt~


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Back to 32 bit Linux Flashplugin again…

After Adobe released its 64 bit flashplugin for Linux 64 bit OS , I switched to that 64 bit version at once and hope that the problems can be fixed forever. But I am so bored with its endless crashing and decided to turn back to the 32 bit version.

Just make a record for myself :

1st: Remove the gnash (If you have)

sudo apt-get remove gnash

2nd : Install nspluginwrapper and Flash 9:

sudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper flashplugin-nonfree lib32nss-mdns

3rd:  Flash 9 is not packaged, but the package installer script will fetch it from Adobe’s download site and install it. Now simply install nspluginwrapper as a Firefox plugin:

sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/plugins/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/ sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/plugins/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/firefox-3.0/plugins/

OK, Bye

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