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Back to my old campus~

It said that unless you had left school, you would not find how beautiful it was.
We went back to GDUT again on the last Saturday. For her 50th birthday and for seeking my memory.
Unluckily, we were late for the activity of signature and the main point — the free lunch. 🙁
So, we went to the City Kitchen in stead and then began our wandering in campus.
We walked around the campus without any purpose. From the teaching buildings to the administration buildings, from the library to the living area, from the west dorm section to the east one, we went to everywhere we can go to.

Then when the sunset came, we took our supper in the school canteen which we went there countless times. At there, we bought one commemorative meal ticket from a puzzle student. 😀

image <   ¥ 10   >   image

Download the full size: meal ticket Warning ! don’t use it in the canteen any more~ 😈

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The new Time Magazine Cover——Jet Li

The lower you put yourself on the priority level, the happier you become

——Jet Li


Jet Li, the world well-known Chinese Kongfu actor, became the new Time magazine cover.  Not only because his achievement on movice industry, but also the contribution to charities, to devote his streight to make the people in need a better life.

Seven years before, at the age of 34 — when he stood upon the summit of the Chinese film world but had yet to venture into international markets — Li was already having existential ruminations. “I started thinking about life,” he says. “I started wondering what it is people want. Is it money, power or fame? Is it to see yourself in TIME?” Over the next seven years his fame increased exponentially, but he was unable to completely enjoy it and ended up engaging over 20 different Buddhist teachers. “The main idea taught by the different kinds of Buddhism,” he says, “is that the lower you put yourself on the priority level, the happier you become.” Surveying the wrecked lobby of his Maldives hotel, Li recalled this lesson, and decided that philanthropy — a thing he had vaguely imagined doing in retirement — was not something that could be indefinitely deferred. Three years later, he had cleared his film commitments and established the One Foundation.

Want to read the entire passage?  Go to see The Liberation of Jet Li

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Vitas … & his Chinese Song 囧

Can’t believe your ears ? Yup, that is Vitas, the famous Russian singer. We all remember his extreme high voice via Opera 2 . We call that voice Dolphin vocal sound or Whistle register.

Now Vitas came to China and sign up with a Chinese record company. And this video clip was download from that company’s official web site by Vitas’s fans.

Anyway … A Russian sings a Chinese song.  It’s cool ~isn’t it?

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6th Dec —— Happy Birthday to my old University



The next Saturday,6th Dec, is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of GDUT, Guangdong University of Technology. People always say that the period of live in Campus is the most beautiful and unforgettable time. Tough compared with other famous University, GDUT is very young, but Guangdong University of Technology is a absolutely good place for students to learn and live.
GDUT is very famous not only because the excellent condition of teaching, but also the special campus culture.
As its name tells, GDUT is a university which focuses on science and engineering teaching. So the proportion of boys and girls is a little abnormal…… And some special campus culture likes the Girls Day was so popular among the students. 😀

…… to be continued~

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Hello?你好? Bonjour? Hallo? こんにちは? 안녕하세요? Здравствуйте

Every year, November 21 is World Hello Day. The objective is to say hello to ten people on the day. By greeting others, the message is for world leaders to use communication rather than force to settle conflicts.

The event began in 1973 by Brian and Michael McCormack in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel.Since then World Hello Day has been observed by people in 180 countries.It has garnered accolades from notable individuals around the globe including politicians, religious leaders, and celebrities.

Actually didn’t know today is a big day until I heard that from the radio. It brought me into deep thinking. It looks like Greeting is so common and easy for us. But is it as easy as we think of it?

The fact is not so easy. Neither giving greeting nor receiving it from others. It’s so complex that nowaday people can’t trust each other so easily even just say hello to a stranger. A statistics tells such a unbelievable comparison. When we say hello to the people walk by in the street. There is merely only one among 30 will says thanks and gives you greeting too. We can know that how un-trusted people feel between each other.

So World Hello Day is giving us a chance to say hello to others, a chance to recreate the trust of our society. Just spread this message to all of your friends and say Hello to them sincerely.

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142th Anniversary of the Birth of Sun Yat-sen

Today, November 12th, is the 142th anniversary of the birth of Sun Yat-sen.

Sun Yat-sen (November 12, 1866 – March 12, 1925), also known as Sun Yixian, (originally Sun Wen) was a Chinese revolutionary and political leader often referred to as the Father of Modern China. Sun played an instrumental role in the eventual collapse of the Qing Dynasty in 1911. He was the first provisional president when the Republic of China (ROC) was founded in 1912 and later co-founded the Kuomintang (KMT) where he served as its first leader. Sun was a uniting figure in post-Imperial China, and remains unique among 20th-century Chinese politicians for being widely revered in both Mainland China and Taiwan.
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Are you Single ?

Origin of Singles Day 😆

An old story goes that once there were four single men, leading very boring lives. None of them were married, or had lovers, or did anything exciting. They just sat around all day and played Mahjong(麻将).

One day they played Mahjong from 11 in the morning until 11 at night. During the game, no matter who won, the winning card was always the ‘four columns’ card (the card shows four independent, parallel columns in two lines). Even more of a coincidence, it was Nov 11, or 11/11. In order to commemorate the day, they nicknamed it “Singles Day”.
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Commen Bomhax Flower — The Flower of Canton

Commen Bomhax Flower , or Kapok is called as ‘hero flower’ and ‘hero tree’ as its bloody red color and very strong vitality. Kapok blooms at the early spring even its leaves haven’t come out. And its buoyancy and moisture resistance makes it ideal for use in cushions, mattresses, and life jackets.
Commen Bomhax Flower were planted widely in Canton(Guangzhou) even from the ancient times. Cantonese use the cotton wool from Commen Bomhax Flower as the stuff of cotton-padded clothes, quilts, or pillows. Also we use Commen Bomhax Flower as the material of Chinese crude medicines.
So Commen Bomhax Flower have a long history with Canton that it becomes the city flower of Canton.
Nowadays, the Commen Bomhax Flower’s red color reflect the passion of new Canton city. And it also become the one of the main element of the propaganda film of the 16th Asian Games.

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Change is coming to America — Speech @ Chicago by Barack Obama

English Source download
Chinese translation download:

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Thrilling Games , Harmonious Asia

16th Asian games

Asian games

The 16th Asian Games will be held in 2010 at Guangzhou.

So friends in Guangzhou or nearby, let’s join it with our strength!
Want to be a Volunteers? click to sign up now! 😉

Here are two publicity film for it:

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