• The 5th GDUT Food Festival

    Be noticed that this Saturday is the 5th Food Festival of GDUT, I decided to be pretend as a student again. 😈 Yep, this festival is a traditional day which begin from the first year we come to this new campus district in such isolated island. So as the first “troop” here, I won’t miss […]

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  • Asian Sports Village Under Construction

    The Asian Sports Village is one of the most important projects of Asian Games construction. As the countdown in my blog’s sidebar shows, there are only about 360 days left for the opening of 16th Asian Games. And we must have several months for preparing and testing the “hardware” situation and also let the athletes […]

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  • Add a Small Lovely 2010 Asian Games Countdown in Your Site

    There is less the one year left for the 16th Asian Games at Canton, 2010. To be a Cantonese, we have our duty to support it with our effort. I browse the official website of 16th Asian Games ( which obviously found by the support of NetEase. In my opinion, this website is quite well […]

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  • Legend of Five Rams and Wandering at Yuexiu Park

    As a five years resident of Canton, I am shame to say that I never be to Yuexiu Park to have a look at the Statue of Five Goats by myself before. We all know that the picture of this Statue of Five Goats has been the symbol of Canton for a long time. And […]

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  • Commen Bomhax Flower — The Flower of Canton

    Commen Bomhax Flower , or Kapok is called as ‘hero flower’ and ‘hero tree’ as its bloody red color and very strong vitality. Kapok blooms at the early spring even its leaves haven’t come out. And its buoyancy and moisture resistance makes it ideal for use in cushions, mattresses, and life jackets. Commen Bomhax Flower […]

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  • Thrilling Games , Harmonious Asia

    The 16th Asian Games will be held in 2010 at Guangzhou. So friends in Guangzhou or nearby, let’s join it with our strength! Want to be a Volunteers? click to sign up now! 😉 Here are two publicity film for it:

    Oct 31st, 2008 | Filed under Information
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