• Banana Leaf

    There are many special theme restaurants in Canton. Banana Leaf is one of them, which is focus on Southeast Asia food. Actually it’s my fist time to come to Banana Leaf, and Banana Leaf really gave me a surprise. 😆 Indian, Filipino, Vietnam, Thailand… there are too many different kinds of food waiting for us~ […]

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  • WALL·E ~ Roll out!!

    Wall· E is one of my favorite cartoon movie. This lovely and cute robot is so adorable especially when his innocent eyes look at you directly. And I decided to buy Galacy this toy of Wall· E as one of her birthday gifts, hopping that she would love my presents. 😀 This robot model has […]

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  • Asian Sports Village Under Construction

    The Asian Sports Village is one of the most important projects of Asian Games construction. As the countdown in my blog’s sidebar shows, there are only about 360 days left for the opening of 16th Asian Games. And we must have several months for preparing and testing the “hardware” situation and also let the athletes […]

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  • Add a Small Lovely 2010 Asian Games Countdown in Your Site

    There is less the one year left for the 16th Asian Games at Canton, 2010. To be a Cantonese, we have our duty to support it with our effort. I browse the official website of 16th Asian Games ( which obviously found by the support of NetEase. In my opinion, this website is quite well […]

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  • National-Wide Traffic Failure Day

    Tomorrow is the 60th National day founding of PRC. That means a holiday more than a week for most people and many happy things would happen, but except one terrible nightmare… How to go home… 🙁 Canton, the place where I live now, is one of the most famous hell at the times like this. […]

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  • Nanguo Book Fair

    Let’s continue our story after we went to Yuexiu Park. There is a exhibition center on the opposite side of the Park. We finished our lunch and then go to Jinhan exhibition center for the Nanguo Book Fair there. Though I had no plan to buy some books, I still want to make a wandering. […]

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  • Legend of Five Rams and Wandering at Yuexiu Park

    As a five years resident of Canton, I am shame to say that I never be to Yuexiu Park to have a look at the Statue of Five Goats by myself before. We all know that the picture of this Statue of Five Goats has been the symbol of Canton for a long time. And […]

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  • Lost in “Stone House”

    For the sake of GFW, Google Picasa web album is still locked up at China. Get tired for waiting, I bypassed that damn thing via modifying my /etc/host file and fetched my pictures on Picasa again. Among those pictures, I found a special album, the photos taken at “Stone House” Cathedral. Guess where has I […]

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  • Lotus Hill – Part 2@ Ancient Quarry Adventure

    As I mean at the last post, we went to the top of hill from the “easy way”. Now this time, we would find a “tough” way got down from the hill. That was the second part of our trip~ Lotus Resort has its rich historical and cultural relics within. The history of Ancient Quarry […]

    Jul 25th, 2009 | Filed under Tour
  • Lotus Hill – Part 1@Kwan-yin and Lotus

    It was really amazing, the No. 6 typhoon this year, “Molave” just hit to Canton on 18 July. And the next day we decided to take a risk to go to Lotus Hill under a not certain weather. ❗ The rain drops started to fall suddenly when we got off the metro. We must made […]

    Jul 23rd, 2009 | Filed under Tour
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