• My New Alarm Clock

    Galacy give me this little funny “robot” as the gift of Lantern Festival. And any relation between this cut machine and Chinese Lantern Day is that the LED eyes of this robot can twinkle when it alarms~~ 😆 Maybe that sounds simple but it’s very funny in deed. Alarm clock is such remarkable thing. When […]

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  • Banana Leaf

    There are many special theme restaurants in Canton. Banana Leaf is one of them, which is focus on Southeast Asia food. Actually it’s my fist time to come to Banana Leaf, and Banana Leaf really gave me a surprise. 😆 Indian, Filipino, Vietnam, Thailand… there are too many different kinds of food waiting for us~ […]

    Sep 10th, 2010 | Filed under Food, Fun
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  • My First Skating

    This is a crazy Saturday. It’s my first time to skate on real ice. This real ice rink is on the sixth floor of GuangMing Square near by the Beijing Road(a famous pedestrian shopping street at Canton). I had come to this place many time but never enter to have a try. Now here we […]

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  • Back to My Hometown – Part 4
    @Guangzi Bridge and Ming city wall

    Guangzi Bridge (Chinese: 广济桥; pinyin: Guǎng Jì Qiáo, literally Great Charity Bridge), also known as Siangze Bridge (Chinese: 湘子桥; pinyin: Xiāng Zǐ Qiáo) is situated at east urban Chaozhou, China. It is a key cultural relic site under the state’s protection, and it is renowned as one of the four famous ancient bridges; the other […]

    Apr 3rd, 2009 | Filed under Tour
  • the Wish Valley

    One day , three explorers finally fetched the legendary ‘Wish Valley’. It said that once you stand at the edge of  the valley and yell whatever you wanted then jump into it, you will gain a whole valley full of whatever you wanted. 😎 So~~ they decided to try it out~ The first explorer was very lechery. he […]

    Sep 12th, 2008 | Filed under English learning, Joke
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