• The 5th GDUT Food Festival

    Be noticed that this Saturday is the 5th Food Festival of GDUT, I decided to be pretend as a student again. 😈 Yep, this festival is a traditional day which begin from the first year we come to this new campus district in such isolated island. So as the first “troop” here, I won’t miss […]

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  • A Perfect Trysting Place at GDUT

    It’s a great pity for those students left GDUT before the new library completed totally. Though we made many bad comments when that building’s design and equipments when it just finished construction. After two years we felt, GDUT library really changed a lot. That makes me so “envy” at the current students~ All I can […]

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  • The Lonely Day in GDUT

    My dear young fellows in GDUT: Wish you all to receive a GF from God ! — Calcifer As a former student of GDUT, I am proud of your bravery, optimism and humor. GDUTers took too many challenges and conquer all obstacle. We received many many achievement and honor. We are the best men in […]

    Nov 12th, 2009 | Filed under Soliloquy
  • Back to my old campus~

    It said that unless you had left school, you would not find how beautiful it was. We went back to GDUT again on the last Saturday. For her 50th birthday and for seeking my memory. Unluckily, we were late for the activity of signature and the main point — the free lunch. 🙁 So, we […]

    Dec 8th, 2008 | Filed under Fun, Soliloquy
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  • 6th Dec —— Happy Birthday to my old University

    The next Saturday,6th Dec, is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of GDUT, Guangdong University of Technology. People always say that the period of live in Campus is the most beautiful and unforgettable time. Tough compared with other famous University, GDUT is very young, but Guangdong University of Technology is a absolutely good place for […]

    Nov 27th, 2008 | Filed under Information, Soliloquy
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