• 274 – Tuesday = 9

    This is a strange mathematical problem. Maybe you are confusing and think that equation is impossible. Let’s see what this comes from: Here goes the story, or… a joke. There were three mentally retarded men taken to the psychic for test. On reach the doctor’s office they were put in a line answer some questions […]

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  • Just … a Joke

    An Italian speaks English in Malta … Of course, this is just a joke. But the problems that our accent make us misunderstood  are very common in our lives. Maybe Our mother tongue is not suitable for speaking English. 😛 That makes me thought up one Indian teacher , Arun,who teach me UML course. His […]

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  • Before and after wedding……

    😉 Unmarried ones go from top to bottom: He: God! The very moment I waiting for has come finally. She:Can I cop out? He: No! Never think about it! She:Do you love me? He: Yes! Of course! She:Wouldn’t you betray me? He: No! I won’t. Stop this foolish thinking! She:Can you give me a kiss? […]

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  • the Wish Valley

    One day , three explorers finally fetched the legendary ‘Wish Valley’. It said that once you stand at the edge of  the valley and yell whatever you wanted then jump into it, you will gain a whole valley full of whatever you wanted. 😎 So~~ they decided to try it out~ The first explorer was very lechery. he […]

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