• Banana Leaf

    There are many special theme restaurants in Canton. Banana Leaf is one of them, which is focus on Southeast Asia food. Actually it’s my fist time to come to Banana Leaf, and Banana Leaf really gave me a surprise. 😆 Indian, Filipino, Vietnam, Thailand… there are too many different kinds of food waiting for us~ […]

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  • White Lie

    Loker sang a very lovely song which make the primary school teacher fall in love with him in Lie to me S02E10. OK, handsome is one of the reason that Loker hunted her heart. But this song itself is so cute that I wanna to download this clip. Though it’s said that this song’s lyric […]

    Dec 16th, 2009 | Filed under Fun
  • The Big Bang Theory – Drawing Music Video

    The Big Bang Theory is a very hot TV series which has already released three seasons. I love this TV series not long before and spent almost a week to catch up the newest episode. And the first time I watch TBBT, its OP music is so charming. That make me always want to know […]

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  • “Solo” Song Video: I’m Yours

    Maybe this song has been popular on YouTube, but for us who stay inside the GFW, maybe many people didn’t watch this. Very wonderful song and the more incredible is this song now sung by one one guy! He took the jobs about Tenor, Bass, Baritone and Lead. That’s amazing ! And BTW, some friends […]

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  • Music Time: The Feel Good Song

    Just love this feeling~ 😎 The Feel Good Song *Well, it’s a feel good song, It shouldn’t take too long to learn the melody. So won’t you sing with me? I got my guitar here, I bought a 6-pack of beer, We’ll tell a joke or two, and share some feel-good tears.* well,It’s a feel-good […]

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  • You Are[Not] Alone

    June 26, a great star fell… I am still listening the song of him… “But you are not alone For I am here with you Though we’re far apart You’re always in my heart But you are not alone ”

    Jun 27th, 2009 | Filed under Soliloquy
  • I Love you , I Trust you

    I love you, so I trust you. It’s just so simple… Trust you mp3: Lyric:

    Feb 20th, 2009 | Filed under English learning, Fun
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  • Music: Life is Like a Boat

    What is our Lives like ? Someone said it is like a game, or a river, a box, a game, a book… Maybe it is just like anyone of all these above. Let’s listen to this beautiful song, Life is Like a Boat. Then maybe you will also have the same feeling. mp3:

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  • Vitas … & his Chinese Song 囧

    Can’t believe your ears ? Yup, that is Vitas, the famous Russian singer. We all remember his extreme high voice via Opera 2 . We call that voice Dolphin vocal sound or Whistle register. Now Vitas came to China and sign up with a Chinese record company. And this video clip was download from that […]

    Nov 28th, 2008 | Filed under Fun
  • 稻香——Jay Zhou

      对这个世界如果你有太多的抱怨 If you have so many complaints about his world that   跌倒了就不敢继续往前走 Made you couldn’t carry on after failed,   为什么人要这么的脆弱 堕落 Wondering Why are the mankind so fragile and depraved,   请你打开电视看看 Then just turn on the TV to see   多少人为生命在努力勇敢的走下去 how many brave souls struggle with their honor.   我们是不是该知足 You will know whether should we […]

    Oct 12th, 2008 | Filed under English learning, Fun
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