• White Lie

    Loker sang a very lovely song which make the primary school teacher fall in love with him in Lie to me S02E10. OK, handsome is one of the reason that Loker hunted her heart. But this song itself is so cute that I wanna to download this clip. Though it’s said that this song’s lyric […]

    Dec 16th, 2009 | Filed under Fun
  • The Big Bang Theory – Drawing Music Video

    The Big Bang Theory is a very hot TV series which has already released three seasons. I love this TV series not long before and spent almost a week to catch up the newest episode. And the first time I watch TBBT, its OP music is so charming. That make me always want to know […]

    Dec 16th, 2009 | Filed under Fun
  • Heroes Season 3~

    Frankly speaking, I am not keen of TV-Series. But a few excellent TV-Series also attracted me. For example, Heroes, a TV-Series on NBC is one of the exceptions. Heroes is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. I watched it from season 1 and maybe continue […]

    Sep 24th, 2008 | Filed under Fun
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