• How to MD5 a String

    As a Linux and Unix user, I think to do “md5sum” for your files is just a piece of cake. We always to use md5sum command to check various files, such as a OS  disk image. But today I come to a problem,  some web site use the md5 of the user ID as the […]

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  • Update the MSN certificates for Pidgin

    If you are using MSN via Pidgin (ver < 2.7.7), maybe you can’t get logged in MSN right now. The error message about “SSL Certificate Error” shows that we need a new certificate file for Pidgin to connect the MSN server. So to fix this problem, we need to update the certificate file. Use vi […]

    Nov 25th, 2010 | Filed under Technique
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  • Linux for our life

    As a Linux user for several years, Linux give me another view of the world and lots of Linux lovers share lots of fun with me. Wanna to give thans to Linux, I bought a few stuff from a B2C web site. The first one is a Tee with Ubuntu Logo: It’s so awesome. Ubuntu […]

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  • Save the Energy, Save the World

    The sticky damn summer of Canton has come. My poor little laptop would face a serious problem about its own temperature which cause it closes itself directly. Yep, we can set the power performance manually. But there are only few fixed profile to choose: high performance, low performance and balance… Then I have to focus […]

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  • It’s Time for A Change

    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS has come. Let’s Ubunt~

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  • Back to 32 bit Linux Flashplugin again…

    After Adobe released its 64 bit flashplugin for Linux 64 bit OS , I switched to that 64 bit version at once and hope that the problems can be fixed forever. But I am so bored with its endless crashing and decided to turn back to the 32 bit version. Just make a record for […]

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  • Can Ubuntu Become the ‘Default Alternative’ to Windows?

    [copied from original link: here] As new Linux release nears, founder Mark Shuttleworth explains his company’s plan for profitability. With more than 8 million users, Ubuntu Linux is among the most popular Linux distributions. But what is its mission? What are Ubuntu and Canonical, its lead commercial sponsor, really all about? Ubuntu has desktop […]

    Oct 27th, 2009 | Filed under Information
  • Let’s War !

    FPS Game is one of the most popular game type. You can’t find out how many people had played Counter Strike or Doom. But those games are too violent and bloody. It’s not suitable for the kids and girls to play such games. But the game that I want to introduce today will give FPS […]

    Oct 20th, 2009 | Filed under Fun
  • Install Wine on 64 bit Ubuntu and Run WOW~

    We can say that WOW is a great on-line game in the world. It released when I was in Campus. For the good of my study, I missed this game totally. At that time, WOW was run by the 9th City and made great benefit in China. Nowadays, Blizzard decides to end the contract with […]

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  • Let’s merge our OSs ~ VirtualBox

    How many OS do you run simultaneously ? Only one Windows OS? Maybe, but why can’t we set up two, three or more OS at the same time! Maybe if we mention virtualizer software, you will think of Vmware, Virtual tool and so on. But what I want to introduce is the Virtual Box. VirtualBox […]

    Jan 19th, 2009 | Filed under Technique
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